PVs Liquor is a Tulsa store owned and operated by beer nerds and wine geeks.

We have the best Pick Six Wall in the State!

At PV's we have a passion for the liquor business! That's why we opened a store, to share that passion with as many people as we can! We can get you a recommendation on anything you may need!

One of the ways we share our passion with our guests is by having the largest Pick Six Wall in the state of Oklahoma. We want you to try all those beers you have seen at other stores but had to buy a Six pack!

We are also very involved with reforming the liquor laws here in Oklahoma. We believe in expanding our states access to all the amazing craft beer and rare spirits and wines that the country and the world have to offer.

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1660 East 71st St.
Suite K-Bridgepointe Center,
Tulsa, Oklahoma - 74136

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